When Fudge comes to mind,
an old-fashioned country store cutting fudge by the slab is envisioned.

Past times of family and holiday gatherings are reminisced.

In the moment, we are transported home.

Like a hug, we are embraced by the comforting warmth that lingers upon return.

When the moment passes, we can not help but smile.

And that is our mission.

To make you smile.

”There is no place like home”



We provide fun, fudge-inspired products that are homemade in Fort Worth, Texas. While we have menu items that remain constant throughout the year, we are always adding new seasonal items!


available for online purchase

We offer some of our basic fudge and toffee products online individually and in variety boxes for immediate purchase and delivery. Purchase them for yourself, for a party, or for a gift!

special orders

Fort Worth Fudge is uniquely packaged to impress! We can completely customize your order for party favors, welcome boxes, or large platters or tiers for your party. We can do anything, just contact us!